JOLLY MERCY LEARING CENTRE, NANGABO (JMLC)                                              

               RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR TEACHING AND NON TEACHING STAFF                                                       

Jolly Mercy Learning Centre was opened in 2009 and was founded by Dr. James Ssekiwanuka who is also the Executive Director. Jolly Mercy Learning Centre was established with a vision of becoming a leader in the provision of quality education services at a nursery, primary and vocational level.

Jolly Mercy Learning Centre is part of the registered Charity, Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission (CALM) Africa. CALM Africa is committed to ensuring the rights and welfare of children and in support of this, we have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy, to ensure you are familiar with and understand the contents, a copy of the policy is enclosed and we ask you to read this thoroughly and seek clarification where necessary.

As a teacher at Jolly Mercy Learning Centre we look forward to your contribution in sharing and developing our vision ensuring that our children are kept safe and well and receive excellent academic instruction. At Jolly Mercy Learning Centre, we are keen to encourage our staff and teachers to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that makes them role models for our children.  To ensure our staff and teachers know what is expected of them in certain circumstances we have a few rules and regulations in place which we ask all our staff to comply with, thus ensuring we maintain an environment of professionalism and discipline. If you have any questions or queries, please ask your supervisor or Head Teacher.

1.       Teachers’ code of conduct:

  All teachers are reminded of the Government of Uganda, Teachers Code of Conduct and are required to read, understand and abide by the contents of it. It is the teacher’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the Teachers Code of Conduct; however there is a copy available from the Head Teacher.

2.       Child Protection Policy:

 Enclosed in this appointment pack is a copy of the CALM Africa / Jolly Mercy Learning Centre Child Protection Policy. It is a requirement of employment that you read, understand and abide by the contents of the policy.

3.       English Language:

The official language of Jolly Mercy Learning Centre is English, all lessons are conducted in English, except Luganda Lessons, and we strongly encourage all communication between staff, teachers and children to be made in English.

4.       Timekeeping:

Standard school hours are 8.00am until 4.30pm. Teachers are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of class. Morning break is from 10.30am until 11.00am and Lunch break is from 1.00pm until 2.00pm.

Teachers are required to maintain strict standards of timekeeping; ensuring they are role models for the children.

5.       Dressing Code:

In line with the teachers’ code of conduct, teaching staff at Jolly Mercy Learning Centre are required to maintain clean, professional and modest standards of dress during school hours. 

Women should always have their shoulders covered, wear skirts that are below the knee, wear flat heeled shoes and hair should be kept short or should be tied back. Make up should not be worn and Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.

Men are required to wear long trousers and shirts with collars (polo shirts are acceptable). Shirts must be tucked in, hair and beards should be kept short and smart. Shoes must be closed in and kept clean and smart; no training shoes must be worn.

6.       Day, Night and Weekend Duty:

When teachers are undertaking, day, night and weekend duty they are required to make a hand written report detailing any events and concerns that have occurred during that period, reports should be given to the Administrative Manager. Teachers are required to use their professional judgment to respond to any events or emergency situations that arise. Any such situations should be communicated to the Administrative Manager, Operations Manager and Executive Director immediately.

7.       Staff Relationships:

We strongly discourage intimate relations between staff members as we believe this has a negative bearing towards the children’s education and conduct. If any relationship forms, staff are required to bring this to the attention of the Administrative Manager and Executive Director within a short time frame so any concerns and issues may be addressed.

8.       Absence:

If you need to be absent from work due to sickness or other reasons, please make contact with your supervisor or the Head Teacher on the first morning of your absence and maintain regular daily contact to ensure they know when you are expected to return.

Staff and teachers are required to attend all school functions.

9.       Mobile Phone Usage: Mobile phones must not be used during classroom sessions.

      10.  Acceptable Conduct:

Staff and teachers shall maintain good and acceptable conduct and relationship with staff, communities, partners, and the general public. The teacher or member of staff shall not indulge in immoral or indecent behavior such as taking drugs, alcohol abuse/ excess drinking, smoking, sexual harassment, exploitation, destructive gossip and backbiting. Staff shall not divulge false information about JMLC or discharge confidential information to unauthorized parties.

  1. Other Important Rules and Regulations:

10.1The education profession is vested by the public with a trust and responsibility requiring the highest ideals of professionalism. Therefore, the educator accepts both the public trust and the responsibilities to practice the profession according to the highest possible degree of ethical conduct and standards. Such responsibilities include the commitment to the pupils/students, the profession, the community and the family.

10.2   Must not voice his opinion in public about what he does not like about the school. The best way would be to go the grievance department and settle it there.

10.3A teacher should maintain and keep in a safe manner all records of school property under his or her care and account for such property when asked to do so by the head of the department or head teacher.

10.4Staff or a teacher must not write, circulate or cause to be written any anonymous letter or any document with malicious intent and must show respect for school rules set by the governing body of the JMLC and shall assist in their implementation.

10.5Recognize, respect and uphold the dignity and worth of children/pupils as individual human beings, and, therefore, deal justly and considerately with them; 

10.6Engage pupils in the pursuit of truth, knowledge and wisdom and provide access to all points of view without deliberate distortion of content area matter; 

10.7Promote the right and freedom of pupils to learn, explore ideas, develop critical thinking, problem solving, and necessary learning skills to acquire the knowledge needed to achieve their full potential;

10.8 Remain steadfast in guaranteeing equal opportunity for quality education for all pupils; 

10.9Create an emotionally and physically safe and healthy learning environment for all children and
apply discipline promptly, impartially, appropriately and with compassion.

10.10 A teacher or JMLC staff must project a good image in the community where he or she lives by participating as appropriate in activities of the community and setting a good example to the pupils and the public by obeying lawful and established authority and being law-abiding and also attend, where practically possible religious functions of his or of other persuasions;

11       Disciplinary Procedures:

Any alleged incidents of misconduct, inappropriate behavior or poor performance will be investigated. The member of staff will be invited to give their version of events and to state their case at a meeting. Once this has been carried out a decision will be made regarding the action to be taken.  The resultant action may be in the form of an informal or formal warning or dismissal with or without notice. Staff will be given a maximum of two warnings before dismissal is considered.  A record of all warnings will be kept on the staff members staff file.

All staff and teachers are required to report any incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behavior they observed to the Head Teacher. The Head Teacher will then decide the appropriate course of action.


I have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Jolly Mercy Learning Centre.


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