1 LANGUAGE:   English is the unifying official language that MUST be used for communication on the school premises.  


2. PUNCTUAITY:  Arrival time every school day for classes P5 –P7 is 7.30am while preprimary to P4 is 7.45am. Late coming is viewed as a serious offence and perpetuating it will lead to suspension and or dismissal from the school.  


3. LESSONS:  All pupils at all levels MUST take their lessons very seriously and with commitment. Any laxity in this regard will NOT be tolerated.  


4. SMARTNESS:  Parents MUST ensure their children are generally SMART i.e. in full school uniform; polished black shoes (NOT HIGH HEELS) WELL COMBED HAIR (backward). Curl-knitted or French cut will not be allowed in the school. All pupils are required to carry a HANDKERCHIEF daily.  


5. RESPECT:  Children ought to stand up when a teacher or visitor comes in their classroom.  The children should also respect the school property or school environments in general i.e. no littering. A pupil who breaks school furniture e.g. chairs or vandalizes school property, their parents will be asked to replace the same.  


6. NOISE MAKING :   Making uncontrolled noise while:- – in class during lesson time; – on parade / in assembly; – in the sick bay; – at lunch – in any other areas that may be designated by the school authority is prohibited.  


7. SCHOOL MEALS:   All pupils must have or take school meals, both day and boarders.  


8. HOMEWORK:   All pupils admitted to this school MUST always do their homework exercises on a daily basis as assigned by their respective teachers.  All pupils must ensure that their homework pieces are always signed by parents 

Jolly Mercy Learning Centre ‐ Regulations  1

Jolly Mercy Learning Centre ‐ Regulations  2



9. MORALS:  Good morals must be observed by every pupil.  Stealing of any nature, insolence/rudeness to any teachers or prefects or visitors and use of ABUSIVE language are strictly forbidden.  


10. ABSENTEEISM:   Perpetual absenteeism from school without any prior information to the Headmistress or Deputy shall be treated as an offense, punishable for two weeks.  

In any case of any problem a child fails to attend classes, the parents / guardians have to inform the administration in writing.  


11. ABIDING TO SCHOOL RULES:  Failure to abide or comply with any of the above rules or any other that may be communicated to parents / guardians later, the child shall be suspended or dismissed with or without warning.  


12. DECLARATION   I have read, understood and noted the school rules and regulations and I am willing to abide by them.   


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