Our Projects for a balanced diet

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We rare chicken and guinea fouls in large numbers for the purposes of practical learning of he pupils and changing there diets


There is both local and exotic breeds of pigs, this is one way to make kid pork lovers happier. However we cater for those who do not eat pork as well with a balanced delicious meal


A wide variety of fruits ranging from mangoes, paszpaws, guavas bananas plantations to ensure pupils have plenty of vitamin C in there bodies

Staff supervising activities

A member of staff overseeing the farming activities undertaken by pupils plus ensuring clean hygiene within and out of the farm

New class rooms

New classes being set up to accommodate more children

Class and Co-curricular

Computer Classes

Every child who goes through JMLC leaves with basic skills and knowledge of the computer, which are offered by the school right from P.1-P-7

Games and Sports

Children precipitate in a well designed program concerning PE to keep then feet

Handwriting and Reading

The school adopted print as the style of writing and the children are trained to print using fountain pens for P.4 and above and pencils in infant section.

Music Dance and Drama

There is a well designed program for this and classes compete to win prices